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Milk & Sports Nutrition

Sports nutritionists and athletes around the world are turning to milk as their sports recovery drink of choice.  New research is showing that with its natural blend of carbohydrates and electrolytes, milk is just as effective as a hydrating recovery drink, if not more, than commercially available sports drinks or water.

Milk also has high quality proteins that provide an edge in sports recovery and performance.  Milk casein and whey proteins contain essential amino acids that enhance muscle growth and recovery.

The nutrients in milk are easily and quickly absorbed, and when consumed soon after a workout, they regenerate the body fast. In fact, researchers have found that people who drank milk after training were able to exercise for longer in their next session than people who had a sports drink or water.

For an extra hit of carbohydrates, many athletes and football players are turning to flavoured milk.  Low fat white milk was found to benefit people on a resistance training program in gaining muscle tone and losing fat.