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Keeping Milk Fresh



Good quality milk should have a sweet, clean flavour with no distinctive aftertaste.   However, milk is a delicate food that can result in off flavours if mishandled.

To achieve the Use By Date, milk must be stored, handled and delivered at 0 - 4°C and never warmer than 5°C.   If above 5°C then its shelf life can be compromised.

Protecting milk from light, especially direct sunlight, is also important, and should not end at the store.  Consumers should be aware that milk needs to be protected from light during transport, storage and use.  Exposure to sunlight for as little as 10 - 15 minutes is sufficient to cause light-oxidised defects in milk.

Trouble shooting and storage tips:

  • If milk is going off it is usually because at some stage it has been exposed to warmer temperatures.
  • Check that milk is being kept at <5°C:
  • Ensure that your refrigerator is not faulty.
  • Measure the temperature of your refrigerator and if it is not <5°C, then adjust the temperature so that it is. 
  • Check the refrigerator seals and replace them if they are damaged.
  • Do not leave milk sitting in an unrefrigerated loading or delivery area.
  • Do not turn your coolrooms or refrigerator off over night.

Try to:

  • Limit the number of times that you open your refrigerator , especially over a short period of time or on hot days. Every time your refrigerator is opened the temperature within wil rise and take some time to settle back to the set temperature.
  • Limit the time that milk is out of a refrigerator. It is best to take the milk from the refrigerator, use the milk you require and return it to the refrigerator straight away. Do not leave milk sitting on a bench too long or too often (especially on hot days).

Once opened it is best to use milk within a few days.   Try purchasing smaller quantities more often.