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Quality Assurance

Warrnambool Cheese & Butter collects milk from farms on a daily basis with a modern fleet of milk tankers.

Only tanker loads from the shortest tanker runs, within an hour's drive from the plant, are considered for Sungold Milk packaging to deliver the freshest fresh milk to the market.

Sungold Milk comes from the cleanest, greenest region of Australia and travels from farm to shelf in less than 24 hours.

Upon arrival at the factory, each potential tanker load is tested for quality, composition and frothing ability.

The best quality milk with all the ideal attributes of drinking milk is then selected for packaging, ensuring that all milk drinkers, cappuccino and latte lovers can rely on the taste and consistency of Sungold Milk.

The milk is pasteurised to remove bacteria and homogenised to break up the cream and provide a smooth, even drink.

WCB has an on site laboratory, and a team of technicians, quality assurance experts and researchers to facilitate daily monitoring of milk and product quality.

Milk is tested daily from individual farms and reported to our farmers via fax, email and SMS. Quality and composition of the milk forms the basis of the payment they receive.

In the plant, our quality and HACCP food safety systems include:

  • ISO 22000:2005
  • Codex Alimentarius
  • WQA Accreditation

Our laboratory is accredited by NATA (National Association for Testing Authorities).