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Farms & Processes

COUNTRY FRESH SUNGOLD MILK is collected daily from dairy farms in South West Victoria that are located close to our factory site on the Great Ocean Road at Allansford, near Warrnambool.

Clean and green, this unique part of Australia has high natural rainfall which provides an ongoing supply of high quality milk from pasture fed cows.  Temperate conditions allow our cows to graze outdoors year round on the district's coastal plains.

This region is prime dairy country, providing a large, vibrant dairy community and a high level of industry services and standards to support premium milk production.

Warrnambool Cheese & Butter and Sungold Milk have long played a part in South West Victoria's dairy history. Our farm suppliers have been vital in shaping the heritage and success of our company for over 125 years, with many farming families working with us across generations.

Our farmers work hard to care for their herds and land, to build and sustain their businesses, and to produce quality food that they, their families and friends also consume. Farming systems are pasture based.  A farming couple runs 250 cows on average across 400 acres (160 hectares).  Larger holdings exist where extended families work together, or farm owners employ sharefarmers and staff.